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Why I do It – Calgary Wedding Photographer

I’m gearing up for another wedding shoot tomorrow.  It might be the last one before autumn gives way to winter!

And as I was going through my checklist, charging batteries, cleaning my lenses, and everything else that goes in to prepping for a shoot, I asked myself what I love most about documenting a wedding day.

I came back to this image of Isabel.  Her first time seeing Colin in his tux.  I realized that I was able to document her honest display of emotion.  And in that moment she is realizing that this has become one of the happiest days of her life.

That’s why I shoot weddings.  Cheers.

©2011 Joel Yana Photography

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Environmental Portraits – Calgary Photographer

Yesterday I attended a full day lighting workshop offered by talented Crossfield photographer Kurtis Kristianson, owner of Spindrift Photography.  As photographers, we constantly strive to better our technical and artistic skills, and Kurtis’ workshop proved to be a worthwhile investment in lighting know-how and hands on instruction.  We spent a few hours in the classroom, and then Kurtis took the workshop participants outdoors for some instruction in the field, and finally he turned us loose to create our own setups.

Thank you, Kurtis, for a great day of learning!  Here are a couple creations from the day.  Cheers.

©2011 Joel Yana Photography©2011 Joel Yana Photography

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Michelle & Kevin. Married. – Calgary Wedding Photographer

Michelle and Kevin couldn’t have asked for better weather for a late September wedding!  And the ceremony?  Very intimate; very emotional.  I had such a great time photographing this awesome couple.

Here’s a frame from our early afternoon photosession prior to the ceremony.  More to come in a future post.  Congratulations Michelle and Kevin and enjoy your time in Italy for some much needed time off!

@Joel Yana Photography

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Autumn is Here! – Calgary Landscape Photographer

Today I was fortunate enough to get out and do some personal shooting for once!  I picked up a sweet Singh-Ray Variable Neutral Density Filter at one of the local shops (I’ll post pics of images taken with that filter some time in the future).  This particular filter is very sharp and the like all ND filters, it allows you to limit the amount of light entering your lens, allowing you to really drag your shutter and create some great images with blurred-motion.  They’re frequently used when photographing waterfalls or fast moving streams in order to create an image that implies motion.

But enough gear-junkie talk!  After my retail therapy session, I headed just outside of the city to location scout and capture some of images of the trees in their fall colours.  Here’s a frame from today’s shoot.

@2011 Joel Yana Photography

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Tasmanian Devil – Calgary Children’s Photographer

A personal post.

For those of you who grew up watching Looney Tunes, Bugs Bunny and all of his fellow characters, you will remember the Tasmanian Devil.  He was crazy and so full of energy!  Well, I have my very own Taz – my oldest son.  It’s a challenge to keep up with my little midget!  I laugh because he can appear so serious at times, while at other times so innocent and carefree.

I use him from time to time to test out lighting setups, and as I was going through some images I shot of him (and recalling the many attempts to get him to focus!) I realized that he was teaching me to be a more patient photographer.

Here are a few images of one of my favourite photography instructors – my son.  Cheers.

©2011 Joel Yana Photography

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