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First Post!!! – Calgary family and wedding photographer

As I started to type this post – my first post on my photoblogsite – I said to myself, “Well, there’s no turning back now!”

I started shooting with dSLR cameras several years ago just before my oldest son was born.  I had always enjoyed shooting pictures purely for my family and for my self-enjoyment, but I also wanted to stretch myself as a photographer by diving deeper into the technical aspect of photography and to create art with different subjects and different situations, be they people, inanimate objects, or landscapes.  I’m constantly looking for different ways to compose a a picture, tell a story, or convey an emotion through a still image.  The learning never ends.

I had originally thought I would create a main photography site and that my blog would be my add-on, but then I changed my mind and decided to make my photoblog my main site.  My rationale behind this is that I think my clients and would-be clients are going to be interested in what have I been shooting lately.  So my plan for now is to keep this blog updated on a fairly regular basis.  My posts will primarily be about photography, including sneak peaks of my various client photosessions, and the occasional post containing pictures of my crazy family.

And with that, all I want to say is that I’m open for business.  If you are looking for an enthusiastic photographer who will have you leaving a photosession thinking, “Now THAT was fun!”, then I’m your guy.  Check back on my site for new posts, or better yet, add my site as a feed and have my posts delivered to your inbox.

We’re in the middle of winter right now, and while we might be tempted to focus on the cold weather and the challenging road conditions, I prefer to focus on the amazing beauty that sits within every situation.  And speaking of sitting, here are a couple pics to end my first post.  Enjoy.

© 2010 Joel Yana Photography

© 2010 Joel Yana Photography

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