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Fun in the Sun – Calgary Family Photographer

With such a wet and cold spring season in Calgary, today was a nice change of pace filled with sunshine and blue skies.  I also had the pleasure of photographing my good friends Eb and Grace and their cutie-pie daughter.  It was great to see her frolick through the fields at a local park, picking wildflowers and soaking up the great weather.  We were able to capture some fantastic family pictures today and I had so much fun interacting with them.  I’m editing their pictures, so in the meantime here’s a sneak peak family shot.  Don’t they look like celebs?

© 2010 Joel Yana Photography

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It’s Spring – Calgary Children’s Photographer

My oldest son just can’t sit still.  To some, this might be taken to be a sure recipe for a photosession disaster.  On the contrary, I have learned to go with the flow and just shoot images of him in his crazy boisterous element.  A funny thing happens when I watch him through the lens and observe him – he delivers the powerful energy of a child in a spontaneous moment that cannot be replaced by intentionally posing him.  Just one image to digest today – ’nuff said.

Peek a boo!

©2010 Joel Yana Photography

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Birthdays and Gymnastics – Calgary Children’s Photographer

Our oldest son recently celebrated his 3rd birthday, and what better way to let off some steam than to have him run around like a wildman with a bunch of his toddler buddies!  The Little Gym of Aidrie was a great place to hold his party.  For the first half of the party, Little Gym co-owner Deb led the kids through a gym class that included parachutes, an huge inflatable mat, and time swinging on or jumping off of all of the different equipment in the gymnasium.  Afterwards, the birthday boy and his friends cooled off with some eats, refreshments, and of course, the birthday cake.  Our son is still a huge Thomas the Train fanatic, and as you can see from the pictures he really liked his cake.  Thanks again to Deb and her staff for allowing us to hold the party at the Little Gym!

Here are some pictures from the party.

He may not be the tallest in the bunch, but this doesn’t stop our son from wanting to lead the way!

Gabi was very proud of herself after finishing her latest gymnastics move.

Liv showed great balance on the beam!

Alec wouldn’t stop staring at me until I pressed the shutter release!  I wish all kids could pay this much attention!

Nothing makes a little one feel better than holding on to Daddy while walking on the beam.

And what little boy doesn’t like a Thomas cake?

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Absolute Dance Brochure Shoot – Calgary Children’s Photographer

Absolute Dance is located in NW Calgary and is very close to Northland Village Mall and Sir Winston Churchill High School.  The studio is in its 11th year of business and annual enrollment averages between 350 to 375 students.  They have a full complement of choreographers and classes that cater to both recreational dancers and competitive dancers.  Absolute Dance also offers adult classes including Bellydance, Yoga, Bollywood, Hip Hop, Zumba, Tap, Bootcamp, Ballet and Latin Dance.

Co-owners Meaghan and Erika asked me to shoot some images that were to be used in their latest brochures.  I captured my images during the three, four, and five-year old dance classes and it was great to watch the children taking their first steps in the fundamentals of jazz, tap, and ballet.  The little ones were so energetic and so much fun to shoot!

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Studio Image – Calgary Children’s Photographer

The great thing about having a 7 month old son is that they are willing models.  Especially when Daddy is experimenting with his lighting setup in the studio.  This shot of Nicky was captured using 4 foot wide seamless paper and a 2 softbox setup.  I shot many pictures of Nicky, but this is the one that will make it as a print for our house.  I love this kid!

© 2010 Joel Yana Photography

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