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Dennis & Shelly Family Photoshoot Part 2 – Calgary Children’s Photographer

I’m almost caught up with my backlog of edits!  When I was in Winnipeg, I had originally posted a few pictures of my great friends Dennis and Shelly and their two handsome boys.  Here are some more images of this laid-back family.  I remember when I arrived at their place in the middle of a very hot Winnipeg afternoon. Shelly told me that their toddler had just gotten up from a nap and he did NOT want to change out of his PJ’s.  And, if you think about it, why should he?  It’s summer, he’s not at school, and he’s at home, so why should he have to change into other clothes?  I think he’s onto something!  He is one very smart little dude!

As a photographer, you learn to go with the flow and so while big brother was shaking off the nap cobwebs, we focused most of the photo session on their youngest son, who joined their family about 7 weeks prior.  What a cute little boy!  Pretty soon big brother got into the act and the session ended up moving to the very hot and humid outdoors.  We all survived the heat and I managed to capture some nice images of the family.  Thanks again, Dennis and Shelly!

©2010 Joel Yana Photography

Who let this guy in while I was having a bubble bath?

©2010 Joel Yana Photography

Everything’s alright when I’m with my Dad!

©2010 Joel Yana Photography

On a hot day, some frozen Pedialyte should do the trick!

©2010 Joel Yana Photography

I love this one.  Look at those two little men!

©2010 Joel Yana Photography

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Post-Calgary Stampede 2010 Reflection – Calgary Children’s Photographer

Well, the 2010 edition of The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth is now in the books.  It’s funny how one’s participation in the Stampede can change depending on your stage in life.  When I was working downtown and without the responsibility that comes with having very young children, the Stampede was a bit…wilder.  Let’s leave it at that!

But with two young boys, our Stampede experience has become a tamer beast.  We took the kids to the Stampede grounds on Kid’s Day, and Aidan (our oldest) had a blast, primarily because he’s a bit taller and therefore can ride on more rides alone than compared to the prior year.  He absolutely loved the Agri exhibits and seeing all of the farm animals (I don’t know how he gets past the smell!).  Meaghan and I had a good laugh when Aidan saw the Clydesdales and remarked out loud, “Mama, those horses have big bums!”.  Yes indeed.

A photoblog post is not complete without photos.  Here are several just before we headed out to one of the local community pancake breakfasts.  The first two pictures depict two very different stares from our sons.  The third picture explains why.  Don’t worry Nicky.  One day you’ll get your turn on Mommy’s iPhone.  Until next year…

©2010 Joel Yana Photography©2010 Joel Yana Photography

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Chan Family – Calgary Family Photographer

I recently had the opportunity to photograph my close friends Eb and Grace and their daughter Gabi.  Gabi was great to watch and always on the go.  She seemed really taken by the dandelion seeds, but not so much by the smell of the dandelions!  I was able to capture some great images of her frolicking in the park and horsing around on her daddy’s shoulders.  She was a great sport too – Eb and Grace wanted her to put on her sunglasses and she happily obliged!

Overall, it was a fun session and we were treated to some great summer weather (which is more of a rarity than a regularity for Calgary 2010!).  Cheers.

©2010 Joel Yana Photography©2010 Joel Yana Photography©2010 Joel Yana Photography©2010 Joel Yana Photography©2010 Joel Yana Photography

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Reid – Calgary Fashion Photographer

We’re in the middle of Calgary Stampede and the dress code is jeans, cowboy boots and cowboy hats.  Regardless, I hit the streets with Reid who was dressed to impress in non-Cowboy gear.  We shot some great images around my friend John’s commercial space in Ramsay as well as some great spots in Inglewood.  I love Reid’s sense of style and right down to the impeccable details in his ties, cufflinks, shoes and crazy socks.  I’ll deliver a full post soon.  Here are a few images from the session.

©2010 Joel Yana Photography©2010 Joel Yana Photography©2010 Joel Yana Photography

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Erika – Calgary & Chestermere Maternity Photographer

I was recently out in Chestermere to shoot an outdoor family and maternity session all in one.  I’m in the process of completing the edits.  For now here is one of my standout faves from the session.  I really liked the evening light.

Congrats Erika and Jeff – the little one is coming soon!!!

©2010 Joel Yana Photography

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