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Jim & Pat – Calgary Couples Photographer

Simply put, Jim and Pat are an inspiration.  Pat called me after having seen some images that I captured of some of her grandchildren earlier in the fall and expressed a desire for portraits of Pat and her husband Jim.  She told me that they probably hadn’t commissioned a photographer in about 40 years!  Well, there’s no time like the present!  Jim and Pat showed up dressed to impress for the camera – Jim was very GQ, and Pat conveyed a very relaxed, approachable, but elegant energy.

But back to inspiration.  Jim and Pat are celebrating 45 years of marriage this month.  When I reviewed the images at home, I couldn’t help but feel that this was a couple that was just happy being together.  They also had no problem showing their affection to each other in front of the camera, as you can see.  Happy 45th anniversary, Jim and Pat!  Here’s to many more.  Cheers.

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Reimer Family – Calgary Family Photographer

I had a great autumn photoshoot with little Alec and his parents Vic and Dragana.  It was a blast to be able to capture Alec’s wide range of facial expressions – he could pull off the serious, brooding look just as well as he could let it all hang loose and be the playful, carefree little man that he is.  Here are some frames from our session together.  Enjoy.

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Zoe – Calgary Family Photographer

This post is long over due.  A while ago, I had the privilege to shoot with Scott, Jackie, Jackie’s mom Susan, and little Zoe…well she’s not so little anymore, at least not since the last time I saw her!  The photoshoot was one of those sessions that reminded me why I have a passion for what I do.  We enjoyed some great weather, a nice sunset, some amazing views, and I got to capture images of a photogenic family.  Special thanks to Zoe for her patience and for hiking uphill and downhill so I could nail some keepers for her mom and dad.  What a great model!  Cheers.

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Absolute Dance on Breakfast Television / City TV – Commercial & Children’s Photographer

Yesterday was an early morning start!  Absolute Dance was featured on morning show Breakfast Television and I was on hand to capture some stills for the dance studio.

You can check out the BT broadcast here.  Absolute had a great turnout of parents and little performers, and the five broadcasts yesterday featured a wide variety of their class offerings, including hip-hop, breakin’, kinderdance/ballet, mom & babies and mom & tots movement classes.  Visit their website or Facebook page if you are interested in registering your kids for classes.

More images to follow – here are a couple for now.  Thanks to Meaghan and Erika for having me out to shoot, and thanks to the BT crew for accommodating me!

Co-owners Erika Serbu & Meaghan Schulz with BT Host Jill Belland and cameraman Nick Blakeney.

Meaghan, BT Host Jill Belland, Absolute Dance Ballet Director Jenelle Watson and the kinderdance performers.

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New Online Presence – visit www.joelyanaphotography.com !!!

Wow, I’ve been an absentee blogger!  The truth is, I’ve been busy shooting for clients and for some personal projects, catching up on my edits, partaking in some continuing education, and updating my site.  Up until now, my site had operated as a photography blogsite, but I wanted to incorporate additional features including a more seamless client proofing section and some slideshow based pages to showcase my work.

I’m a big believer in the “K.I.S.S.” principle so this next iteration of my online presence maintains a clean interface.

My blog site will continue to co-exist with my main website so that regular followers can check out my latest work.

So, head on down to my new site and come back to the blog in the next day or so to read some new posts!  Cheers.

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