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Autumn Weddings…and Giggles – Calgary Wedding Photographer

Enter Luc swooping in for a kiss.  Cue Jacquie giggling. Here’s a frame from yesterday’s giggle session er, um, I mean wedding.  Cheers!

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Why I do It – Calgary Wedding Photographer

I’m gearing up for another wedding shoot tomorrow.  It might be the last one before autumn gives way to winter! And as I was going through my checklist, charging batteries, cleaning my lenses, and everything else that goes in to prepping for a shoot, I asked myself what I love most about documenting a wedding […]

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Michelle & Kevin. Married. – Calgary Wedding Photographer

Michelle and Kevin couldn’t have asked for better weather for a late September wedding!  And the ceremony?  Very intimate; very emotional.  I had such a great time photographing this awesome couple. Here’s a frame from our early afternoon photosession prior to the ceremony.  More to come in a future post.  Congratulations Michelle and Kevin and […]

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Michelle & Kevin Engagement Session – Calgary Wedding Photographer

Michelle and Kevin are great people with big hearts.  They got together a couple years ago when they volunteered their time in Rio Azul, Guatemala as part of a team of 12 who raised funds and put in a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to start a major water project for the people in […]

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Married! Isabel & Colin – Calgary Wedding Photographer

They say you never forget your first.  Well, this wedding was no exception.  When I opened my studio, I was primarily a family portrait photographer.  It wasn’t until the fall of 2010 that I decided I wanted to extend my coverage to include weddings.  I’m glad I did. Isabel and Colin’s wedding wasn’t the first […]

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