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Michelle & Kevin Engagement Session – Calgary Wedding Photographer

Michelle and Kevin are great people with big hearts.  They got together a couple years ago when they volunteered their time in Rio Azul, Guatemala as part of a team of 12 who raised funds and put in a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to start a major water project for the people in […]

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Married! Isabel & Colin – Calgary Wedding Photographer

They say you never forget your first.  Well, this wedding was no exception.  When I opened my studio, I was primarily a family portrait photographer.  It wasn’t until the fall of 2010 that I decided I wanted to extend my coverage to include weddings.  I’m glad I did. Isabel and Colin’s wedding wasn’t the first […]

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Bikini – Calgary Physique Photographer

Remember Dr. Amanda?  Here’s another frame from a series of images of her when she was 12 days out from a bikini category competition sanctioned by the Canadian Bodybuilding Federation.  She looks great! I usually don’t get into the technical aspects, but today I will.  I shot the images high-key on white seamless.  3 light […]

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Dance Dance Dance! – Calgary Dance Photographer

Even though  my wife co-owns a dance studio, up until now she hasn’t been successful in convincing our 4 year old son to take a dance class.  Well, that time is NOW!  Two of Aidan’s best preschool buddies recently moved on to different facilities, but their mothers signed them up for a boys’ dance class […]

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Isabel & Colin E-session – Calgary Wedding Photographer

Isabel and Colin were a pleasure to photograph during their engagement photosession.  Isabel and Colin are a young, laid-back, whimsical couple.  But they are also a couple deeply in love with each other and happy to have found one another. I recently photographed their wedding, and witnessed first-hand the emotion they felt for one another.  […]

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