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Commercial Photography – SandSei Portable Fitness Equipment

Dr. Amanda Diep is the creator of a fantastic portable fitness equipment concept called SandSei.  Check out the informational videos on the SandSei website.

We shot some exercise sequence images to be used in an upcoming training guide.  The great thing about shooting on white seamless is that it is so easy to create composites with minimal post-production effort.  Here’s an example of some of the content.

©2013 Joel Yana Photography


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The Power of the Print – Calgary Family Photographer

Before Christmas I was busy completing final edits and submitting orders to my lab for various prints and other products for my clients.   I also made time to make order some prints of my sons.  When I got my prints back, I was so excited to matt frame them and display them on our walls.  It’s one thing to see an image displayed on a computer screen.  It’s a more tangible experience all together when you can you can hold a print in your hands, frame it, hang it on your wall, and step back to take it all in.

I just shipped out some prints to a client yesterday and just before packing up the prints I took one more look at the images. It put a big smile on my face – not only because of the images themselves, but also because of the look of the paper on which the images were printed. Amazing.

Did you know that I print all print orders on Kodak’s PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Premier Metallic Paper? My clients LOVE it.

Personally, I love the paper because the distinctive, attention-getting, glossy finish and metallic appearance puts the finishing touches on a carefully composed and professionally retouched image.

My clients deserve the best!  Book a portrait session me and you’ll get premium service as well as top-notch finished products.


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Choosing the right lens for the occasion – Calgary Family Photographer

I just spent the past 4 consecutive days out at Canada Olympic Park.  For Christmas we hooked up our oldest son with a full snowboard setup and he was excited to learn how to slide on snow.  My son had so much fun and I was stoked to see watch him learn.  The only thing I didn’t like was all the wind on the hill!  So, after all the wind and early snow we’ve been getting this winter I thought I’d post an image from one of my summer sessions as a nice change of pace!

For portrait sessions I’m usually working with my trusty 70-200 2.8 IS lens.  I love the compression I can achieve and the lack of distortion.  But there are certain compositions where my ultrawide 16-35 is the better choice, like in the image below.  Center composition worked well in this image, especially with how the trees framed the couple and their kids while they were horsing around.

©2012 Joel Yana Photography

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Avery – Calgary Children’s Photographer

I’ve been more than a bit behind on keeping my blog up to date, so let me first start by wishing everyone a belated Merry Christmas!  All I can say is that 2012 has been a whirlwind of a year for our family, with change hitting us from so many directions.  In spite of it all I was able to get through the fall, complete my shoots, and process client orders in time for Christmas.  I’m also excited about some of the directions to which my photography will be headed in 2013, but I’ll write more about that in future posts.

So my ridiculously cute little nephew Avery was out of commission with the flu during Christmas and so it made my day knowing that he was on the mend and coming over to spend time with his cousins.  He hasn’t been in front of my camera in quite some time, so I took the opportunity to capture a few portraits of him while he was still a toddler.  At one point after some test shots he looked at my octobox key light then looked at me and said, “That wight is a wittle scawy!”  So needless to say we kept our impromptu studio session short so that he could resume playing with Aidan and Nicolas.

Here’s a headshot from our session.  I may be his uncle, and therefore a little biased, but come on!  It doesn’t get much cuter than this.  Cheers!

©2012 JoelYanaPhotography


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Thankful – Calgary Family Photographer

A personal post on Canadian Thanksgiving Day.

This one is from my own family’s collection. For those who know my two little boys, you’ll agree that my son’s facial expressions are a very accurate representation of their respective and unique personalities and why my wife and I love these little men so much. As busy as life and business can get, I always try to make some time to capture my own family’s moments.

I’m truly blessed to have such an amazing wife and two beautiful boys.

©2012 Joel Yana Photography

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